Mervyn Lambert Plant Ltd is a family owned business operating in the plant hire and traffic management sectors.  The company has a proud reputation of being able to offer opportunities to all employees irrespective of their background or gender and encouraging career development throughout the workforce.

The Gender Pay calculations reflect the 90% predominance of male employees within the company.  This occurs not only within the senior management but also at direct worker level and is probably consistent across the construction sector.

Gender Pay Gap

              Mean Median
Women’s hourly pay is               11.8% lower 18.0% lower


Bonus Gender Pay Gap

               Mean  Median
Women’s bonus pay is                8.5% lower  150.0% higher


Proportion of Employees receiving a bonus

Men Women
89.1% 86.2%

Pay quartiles

 Men Women
Upper quartile 95.6% 4.4%
Upper middle quartile 91.1% 8.9%
Lower middle quartile 98.5% 1.5%
Lower quartile 73.1% 26.9%


I confirm that the information reported in this statement is accurate.

Kevin Shepherd


4th April 2018